About Us

Hello there sister! We are happy that you have found this website.

About Us

Jane Can is all about empowering women and creating a community of women and for women. We are here in order to help you achieve your dreams.

In 2004, Jane Wescott, a divorced mother of four girls was feeling desperate. She just went through a messy divorce and was trying to look for a job. In her 16 years of marriage, she has devoted herself to being a housewife. And now, she had to go out and look for a job. She did not have any idea how to start and where to go.

Fortunately, help came in the form of a good lady who gave her a chance to start over. She employed her as an assistant in a small garment manufacturing company. Because Jane was inherently smart and hard-working, she rose through the ranks and in just a couple of years, became the COO of that garment company. And this good lady was her mentor in everything that she did.

When this beautiful soul passed away, Jane decided that she wanted to ensure that she was able to pay forward the kindness that the good lady has shown her.

This is how this website was born. Jane asked for the help of good friends and colleagues and started Jane Can. Their mission was to help other women facing dire straits and provide encouragement. Through the years, the mission of this group expanded. They wanted to provide help not only to desperate women but to all women who need encouragement and moral support.

Now, we have a strong community of women who are very active in providing support to their fellow sisters. These women have forged a sisterhood unlike any other. They are committed in making sure that women everywhere are provided mentorship and guidance in achieving their dreams.

Join us now.